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Delaware Helpline 2-1-1 Inclusion and Exclusion Policy

Delaware Helpline (Delaware 2-1-1), a subsidiary of United Way of Delaware, is a free information and referral service for health and human services statewide. Through its partnership with the State of Delaware, Delaware 2-1-1 maintains a call center and an internet site/database,, where individuals can access resources and volunteer opportunities. Delaware 2-1-1 continually collects information about health and human services available to residents of Delaware, updates the database annually, links people with needed services and identifies gaps in services.

Delaware 2-1-1 supports specialized programs.

  • Help Me Grow. This national program, targeting children age 0-8, was launched in Delaware on February 2012 to help families find resources to identify and treat behavioral issues and/or developmental delays.
  • Cancer Helpline. Cancer related resources are housed in a separate database, within the system used by 2-1-1, and maintained by Cancer Care Connection. Although these resources are not duplicated in Delaware 211's database, they are accessible for referrals.

Agencies and programs can submit information to update or add information to the database, at or by contacting a Resource Specialist by dialing 2-1-1. As part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, the database is updated frequently as information becomes available. The Inclusion/Exclusion policy is accessible on the website for easy reference.

Agencies need to provide the following information:

  • Name of agency
  • Name of program
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Program description
  • Contact name and title
  • Hours
  • Fees
  • Intake process
  • Eligibility
  • Documents required
  • Target population
  • Languages (other than English)
  • Legal Status
  • Keywords that help to describe agency or program
  • Area served

Inclusion Policy

The following Delaware Service providers may be included in the Delaware 2-1-1 Database:

  • Federal, state, county and local government that provide health and human services, housing, libraries, education, legal, consumer protection and crisis/disaster services.
  • Non-profit, faith based and community organizations that provide fundamental health and human services, (housing, education, legal, crisis and consumer protection free of charge or on a sliding scale based on income.)
  • Self-help support groups that charge no fee or charge a nominal fee.
  • Organizations (such as churches, social clubs, social or fraternal organizations) which offer a health and human service to the community at large
  • Private organizations which offer services in the areas of health, mental health, recreation, education, financial, legal, home maintenance, arts and culture to the general public
  • Elected representatives (federal, state, local)
  • Hospitals, health clinics, intermediate care homes
  • Professional organizations (especially those organizations in the social services field: Counseling/Psychiatry, Medical, Dental, Legal)
  • Agencies outside of Delaware that meet a health and human service need not met by a non-profit or public agency within the geographic service area
  • For-profit providers that accept Medicaid, offer Free or sliding scale human services or provide free or low-cost services
  • Schools--Administrative offices of DE public schools ; private or special needs schools
  • Specialized information and referral services
  • Non-profit nursing homes; free or low-cost support groups licensed long-term care services
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Non-profit licensed childcare facilities
  • Consumer protection and basic business services that are either government designated or contracted

Exclusion Policy

Delaware 2-1-1 may not include the following agencies or programs on the database as we become knowledgeable of the following:

  • Organizations that do not meet the Inclusion policy.
  • Private practitioners – unless they provide unique and/or affordable services that will support the Delaware Help Me Grow program and/or other special services
  • Churches or faith based groups that do not provide services to the community
  • Organizations that provide services only to a select group of people or its own members.
  • Organizations that engage in fraudulent, illegal or discriminatory activities.
  • Non-licensed organizations.
  • Illegal services, including agencies not in compliance with federal non-discrimination standards, misrepresentation or have many documented complaints.
  • Agencies that misrepresent themselves, have documented complaints or deny services based on prejudice or discrimination.
  • Failure to respond three times to Delaware 2-1-1 requests to update their agency information.


Agencies or programs will be added to the Delaware 2-1-1 database based on the above criteria within seven days of submission. When an agency or program is added to the database, the Resource Specialist will send a welcome letter including information about Delaware 2-1-1.

When an agency or program does not fit in the Inclusion and Exclusion policy, the Resource Specialist will send a letter explaining why the agency/program cannot be included in the database. The letter will also include a complaint and/or appeal procedure.

All appeals will be reviewed by the Delaware 2-1-1 Director, Director, Quality and Strategic Programs and the Vice President of Operations. Appealing agencies will receive a decision in writing within 30 days.

Quality Control

Database update surveys will be sent to all agencies and programs on an annual basis. Agencies have access throughout the year to go to and complete the online Add/Update form to make changes to their agency/program information. Once this form is received, the Resource Specialist will make the appropriate changes (including the date of the change) within seven days.


Inclusion in the Delaware 2-1-1 database does not imply endorsement of any organization or service and omission does not reflect a lack of endorsement of any organization or service.