Cooking Eggcellence Kids Class

Eggs are one of the most versatile, nutritious, and essential foods out there! And, one of the most difficult to master. It can be a meal of its own or an ingredient in countless recipes.

Kids Stir Fry Class

Do you want your kids to learn the cooking skills they will need for life? In this class students will be learning to prepare a Stir Fry. Why Stir Fry?

Soup & Salad for Kids Class

Soups and salads are prepared and consumed by nearly every culture in the world. They are among the most fundamental forms of food, but recipes can range from very simple to incredibly complex.

Kids Cupcakes Class

Students will make cupcakes and icing under the guidance of our pastry chefs. This is a drop off class and will last approximately 2-hrs…your kids should be ready to have fun, with cupcakes enjoyed at the end of class!

Urban Promise After School Program

UrbanPromise after school programs provide a safe, enriching and loving place for children between the critical hours of 3 to 6 pm. After school programs provide: Homework assistance Education enrichment Recreation Bible lessions Hot meals Committed relationships...