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Ambassador Mentoring & Prevention Program

Program Description

Duffy’s Hope, Inc. provides prevention programming that teaches youth to recognize high-risk people, places, things, and situations while building self-confidence to handle these risk factors through effective utilization of a newly acquired skill set. Many youth are in need of someone to guide them into positive choices that will lead toward a productive future. Did someone along the way make you feel capable? Make you feel cared about? Help you see your talents? Children today need the same gifts that helped you become who you are now! Servicing youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years, the Ambassador Mentoring and Prevention Program utilizes evidence-based practices from the Phoenix Curriculum. The Ambassador Mentoring and Prevention Program also incorporates the Trauma Awareness Suicide Prevention Program curriculum. What is a Traditional One-to-One Mentor? Like other mentors, Traditional Mentors provide caring and guidance to their Mentees through an on-going relationship. These Mentors and Mentees meet one-on-one at times and places that fit their schedules. Typical Example Activities: Passing a football and playing hoops Baking cookies Talking about school, friends, and life Planning a project and executing it together Exercising, crafts, playing computer games Attending a festival or sporting event

Grade Levels


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Program Eligibility

This program is available to children no matter where they live or go to school. If you have additional questions or want to learn more, please contact our team. We'd be happy to assist you!

Scholarships & Special Benefits

  • Dual Language:
  • Financial Aid / Scholarships
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Purchase of Care (POC)
  • Free Meals
  • Free Medical Care
  • Special Needs Accomodations
  • Before School Care

More Information

Program Dates

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Program Categories

MentoringSpecial Interests / Hobbies

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Ambassador Mentoring & Prevention Program