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Destination Discovery

Children will set out on an imaginary voyage under and above the ocean and then discover a dinosaur pit on land where they will excavate bones. Through new and creative activities, we will learn about the ships, fish and different species of dinosaurs and prehistoric...

Destination Moon

An overnight academy held at the University of Delaware. Cadets will enjoy lessons in crystal development, advanced rocketry, remote sensing, robotics, computer simulation, space beam, and telescope building. A field trip is planned to the Center for Composite...

Destination Mars

An overnight academy held at the University of Delaware. During the academy, cadets will conduct Mars-related experiments and take part in a computer simulation. They will assemble a space station underwater, build a magnetic levitation vehicle, construct and launch a...

Destination Orbit

This program includes Space Architecture, Living in Space, Physics, Rocketry, Planetary Studies & a fieldtrip to the Dover AFB. The four cadet wings’ learn about science and technology as they related to AeroSpace Science.

Destination Flight

Focuses on an in-depth study of the principles of flight and cutting edge studies of the FAA and NASA aeronautic programs. Cadets will apply their acquired knowledge as they operate our advanced flight simulators and hovercraft.
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